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     Purple backed and chromed sided, the King Salmon rules the sportfishing on the West coast Prince of Wales Island in South East Alaska.  The bait rich waters on the edge of the coast bring the Chinooks close to shore where they glutton themselves on the massive biomass of baitfish. Not far from our lodge are the edges of Sea Otter Sound and Heceta Island. Fishing close to the reefs and kelp beds allows us to fish shallow and with light tackle, bringing the fish fighting experience to the next level.
In early May the Kings start to sprinkle in and the run continues until mid July, peaking mid June. The best King brought to the net in 2015 was a 35 pound perfect chrome specimen of a Chinook. We have consistently reliable King Salmon fishing with the run of the mill fish right around the 20 pound mark. These fish are strong fighters full of multiple runs of 200 to 400 feet. They are the finest of quality you will find in any Chinook for the table or smoker. Once you feel the power of an ocean fresh King Salmon smoking 300 feet of line off the reel with its huge head shakes and blistering turns, you're the one that will be......


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​Chinook Salmon - The King​

Fishing SE Alaska Style

Coho fishing on a wide open bite has a way of getting into your blood. A different adrenaline rush than the long runs and headshakes that a big King brings to the battle.
​Coho are different, a curious salmon by nature, which in their own demise makes then great sportfish. Silvers are an acrobatic hard charging fish that will test the angling level of even the most skilled. Mutilple hook ups at one time enhance the controlled chaos ​that we have all come to love during a wide open silver bite. As fast as we can get the rigs back in the water we have another fish to the net. It is a short 10 minute boat ride in protected waters to the best Coho fishing to be found for miles and miles. 
​They first arrive near Winter Harbor in mid to late July and fishing peaks mid August with good fishing all the way into early September. The liberal limit of six Silvers per person each day is a great way to fill your fish boxes if you love ocean chrome fresh salmon. Although not as high in the fat content level as a King, the Silver Salmon never fails to impress as the main course.

​Coho Salmon - The Silver